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Featured Recommendations


Son of Stan

Divorce Pop


8/10// Indie Soft Rock

This is an album with a point of view. From instrumentation, production, and song-writing, there is something interesting going on. Very few albums sound like this. Everything was recorded directly into the sound board, rather than using a microphone to pick up loud guitar amps or drumsets. That’s a fact I’ve known for a long time while enjoying this album, but took me a long time to realize this is a rock album with no crash cymbals. This is a rock album, not inspired by the usual likes of Zeppelin, Clash & Ramones. There are influences of 10cc, Huey Lewis, & Phil Collins here. The worst part about this album is how short it is. Other than the standout tracks “Noxeema” & “Rochelle and Connie”, the best part of this album is the promise of more. This is a hell of a debut album and the follow-up Georgia EP is just as fantastic. 

Dennis Wilson

Pacific Ocean Blue


9/10// Defenition of underrated

This album is a forgotten 70s rock classic. Dennis Wilson was the drummer of The Beach Boys and Brian Wilson’s younger brother. He was the most rough and tumble of the group. He was the one to introduce The Boys to Charles Manson. He released one solo album in his lifetime and was basically a nomad around the time of his death and left his follow up album unfinished. This album sounds like nothing else. If the Beach Boys and Pink Floyd played backup on a Randy Newman album, that would be the closest approximation. Some songs are happy folk influenced jams, but Dennis could sing a ballad with the best of them. A lot of the instrumentation on this album is experimental, much in the manner of his older brother. This is more rock than any other Beach Boys album. If it was released in 2015, it wouldn’t sound out of place and it would be just as incredible. 


They Want My Soul


7/10// Solid as ever

It has been 18 years since Spoon released their first album. They’ve become one of the most consistent bands in recent memory- never letting more than 4 years pass between albums. If someone asks me what Spoon sounds like- I say, “Straight down-the-line indie rock.” They don’t have the abstract styles of Wilco, or Headphones and they don’t have the goofiness of Vampire Weekend. But if someone asks me what makes them so great- I say, “They just know more chords than everyone else.” The toolkit and skillset that Spoon uses to craft their songs is larger than others. They’ve quielty become indie-rock legends, but with an opening song like “Rent I Pay” they may not be as quiet anymore. This album is just crafted well. The songs are cohesive with each other and varied enough to keep things interesting. “Rainy Taxi” is my personal favorite from the album. There is no verse-chorus-verse structure. The song is written straight through without much repetition, and used about 8 times as many chords as your typical pop song.